Friday, May 15, 2015

The Economics of Roger Moore

I saw the link to this article ( the internet. And the sucker that I am, of course clicked it, and enjoyed the next few minutes of my life. The quote from his new book " One Lucky Bastard" goes:

"When I started playing Bond it became apparent, in 1977, that I would have to leave the UK if I wasn't to pay ninety-eight per cent tax on my salary: an actor's life in the spotlight is short, so we need to look after our pennies, and that's why I decamped to Switzerland with its lovely snow-capped tax benefits."

The quote above from Roger Moore gives a semblance of how John Galt (of the Atlas Shrugged fame, by Ayn Rand) decided to leave the politicized society and established a separate objectivist society in a faraway hidden valley. Ah. He may not be my favorite James Bond (as I do like the swagger of Pierce Brosnan), but I will definitely hunt for this book.


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