Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On Haiyan aftermath, If I am Government - Part2

A couple of weeks from now, the government should already start pondering about what is next after the first few salvos of aid go into the areas ravaged by Yolanda. At some point, after people had been relieved of their initial needs, the next question is how to re-ignite the local economy. Today it has gone into full-stop mode, with people more concerned about basic survival stuff than being productive. As we all know, productivity is the fuel of the economy, so it has to be kick-started again. Real recovery starts when people start producing food again rather than relying on food caravans being brought in.

Local governments should get re-established, and calamity funds given to achieve certain magnitude of control. The LGUs should start hiring people to work, e.g., for clearing operations, so the ability to buy will be restored. But the other side of it is that there should be something to buy.  So mom-and-pop stores will have to be rebuilt and re-stocked. Food and groceries on-wheels, and construction materials can be brought in by entrepreneurs from nearby towns spared by the calamity.

The other thing is that people should be able to produce food itself. So that they can first produce what they need on their own tables, and sell or trade any excess. Vegetable seeds and seedlings should be brought in and people should be coaxed into planting, rearing and eventually harvesting the fruits of their own labor. The process is by itself a good healing for the psyche. It will aid in the restoration of sense of control of their own lives at the family level, which after all is the basic unit of society.

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